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ASSA ABLOY, as the global leader in door opening solutions, is dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. We offer the world’s largest selection of lock and security solutions that meet the needs of almost any security applications or standards in the world. ASSA ABLOY is represented all over the world, in both mature and emerging markets. In the rapidly growing electromechanical security sector, the Group has a leading position in fields such as access control, identification technology, automatic doors and hotel security.


From doors to homes, offices, hospitals or airports, ASSA ABLOY door opening and locking solutions are designed to meet any security challenge and can be used to provide security and safety in any environment.

ASSA ABLOY solutions keep people and property safe and secure.


ASSA ABLOY solutions are used everyday in countries around the world. They are found in private homes and businesses operating across many industries. Through a few real examples, we hope to show you why customers choose ASSA ABLOY and how we are continuing to help them with their locking needs.